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    Kurzweil K2661
    The Evolution of Sound Continues. Professionals around the world use Kurzweil instruments for all th (...See More)

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    Kurzweil K2661


    Kurzweil K2661

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    The Evolution of Sound Continues. Professionals around the world use Kurzweil instruments for all their production needs. From film studios and composers to the U.S. Government, Kurzweil delivers the quality and award-winning audio that is required by the best. Continuing this tradition, Kurzweil is proud to offer the K2661. Fully compatible with all Kurzweil K2x00 models, professionals can continue their work without interruption, always confident that archived work will be compatible. Kurzweil's world-renowned V.A.S.T. architecture, enhanced with Triple Modular Processing, provides 126 algorithms to shape your sounds. In addition, the KDFX effects processors provide 5 stereo bus effects with 24 bit processing. The K2661 is a complete workstation, allowing the user to work from concept to completion without changing from station to station.

    Kurzweil is known for quality instruments that are upgraded, not outdated. All K2000, K2500, and K2600 Series libraries are forward compatible with the K2661. This is how Kurzweil was able to build the largest sound library in the world. In addition, Kurzweil reads other major formats directly into the system for use with its V.A.S.T. architecture. New operating systems and options are always being created, expanding an artist's power while preserving his investment in time and programming.

    Kurzweil's award-winning Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology (V.A.S.T.) is the state-of-the-art synthesis system, giving an artist powerful expression not available with any other brand. V.A.S.T. can accurately model or emulate many synthesis processes offered by the competition, past or present. In addition, V.A.S.T. has many processes not available anywhere else. A simple comparison will prove the K2661 is the clear choice for any sound professional.

    Ask & Receive
    The K2661 also includes new features that K2600 players around the world have asked for. New features for the K2661 include ADAT optical output for 8 channels of 24-bit digital output and a SmartMedia slot for convenient storage and upgrades. The K2661 includes all of the standard ROM sounds from the K2600, plus the Orchestral ROM block and Contemporary ROM block. In addition, a General MIDI 1 sound set is provided for convenient authoring of MIDI files for the World Wide Web.

    The Features You Want

    61 note unweighted synth-style action with monophonic aftertouch
    True 48 voice polyphony with 192 oscillators
    Fluorescent 64 x 240 backlit LCD display
    Full MIDI controller capabilities including eight sliders, optional ribbon controller, footswitches, control pedals, arpeggiator and breath controllers - all assignable
    Over 600 programs provided in ROM, thousands on SmartMedia and CDROM (both included)
    Up to 48MB on board ROM sounds, including Kurzweil's acclaimed Stereo Grand Piano
    General MIDI Compatability built-in
    Up to 128 MB of sample memory
    V.A.S.T. - Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology with 60 DSP functions.
    Triple Modular Processing offers 126 sound shaping algorithms for per-voice processing
    Extensive sample-processing capabilities and graphic waveform editing
    KDFX- Powerful 5 stereo bus, 24-bit digital effects engine
    KB-3 Organ Mode provides powerful tone wheel organ synth modeling
    Live Mode, real-time processing of live inputs through both synth and KDFX effects engines
    32 track sequencer with comprehensive editing tools
    16 MIDI channel multitimbral, each can be a 32 layer program
    Flash memory for OS and ROM storage (allows software updates via SmartMedia and SCSI)
    Sampling Option with analog and digital inputs and sample-while-play capability (RAM Tracks)
    Optical digital ports, selectable as ADAT Lightpipe for up to 8 channels of 24-bit digital I/O (or 2 channles of S/PDIF output)
    (6) Balanced analog audio outputs with 24-bit DACs
    Stereo headphone output
    The KB-3 Organ Mode accurately models a Tone Wheel Organ. The sliders and mod wheel are used as the drawbars for real-time control. This revolutionary synthesis modeling tool gives the user the power to blend harmonics in real-time to create and control unique new timbres. Full polyphony is always maintained, with a single-voice containing 9 harmonics that may be blended, controlled and/or recorded in real-time.

    The K2661's full-function 32-track sequencer is equipped with many features only found on the most sophisticated software-based sequencers. With a maximum internal resolution of 768 ppq, sequencer functions include: Linear, Pattern and Step (Drum Machine), Record Modes, Reference Quantize, Event Edit List, Cut, Copy, Paste facilities, Advanced Arranger functions (allows sequences to be triggered from keys with velocity sensitivity and transposition), grab (imports tracks from other sequences) and more. Reference Quantize allows the user to quantize to a groove track, and to quantize tracks not previously recorded with a click. The Event Edit List, with view filters and audible scroll, enables precise, computer-style editing. If the user already created some work on a computer sequencer, or wants to use a computer for additional development, the K2661 can import and export either Type 1 or Type 0 MIDI files. The K2661 sequencer is the most sophisticated available.

    MIDI Control
    The K2661 is a complete MIDI controller. The front panel also has eight independently assignable sliders, useful as MIDI sliders, for sequencer mixdown, or as organ drawbars in the KB-3 Mode. Two buttons above the pitch and mod wheels are completely programmable. The optional 600mm ribbon controller is programmable in three distinct zones or one long zone. Additional controllers include sequencer "transport control" buttons, 4 footswitch inputs, and 2 continuous control pedal inputs (1 CC and 1 CC/breath controller). The breath controller input accepts Yamaha BC-1, BC-2, and BC-3 breath controllers. The multitude of flexible controllers make the K2661 the ideal center piece for any MIDI production.

    Balanced Outs
    The K2661 includes 24-bit Balanced Audio Outputs with patented output circuitry that deliver professional audio signal levels (1/4" t/r/s). Unbalanced (1/4") outputs are also supported.

    User-Installable Options
    The K2661 user can install options including Sample RAM (up to 128MB) and Sound ROM boards via a convenient underside access panel.

    Lightweight & Portable
    The K2661 is the most portable keyboard in the K2600 family by far. Gigging musicians will appreciate the ability to take their most sophisticated production station out on the road.

    Live Mode
    Powerful V.A.S.T. DSP capabilities to process any incoming mono or stereo signal via the digital inputs or analog inputs (requires the sampling option). Imagine plugging your guitar, microphone, mixer or tape track directly into your K2661 and customizing the sound using any of the V.A.S.T. parameters, all in real-time. Then add effects using the K2661's state-of-the-art KDFX. The K2661 is the most advanced real-time signal processor ever created. With the format selectable optical I/O connections you get up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs which can bidirectionally communicate with other devices such as computer digital audio interfaces and digital mixers.

    On Board Sounds
    The K2661 offers over 600 programs (with 100s more available) for a wide and useful selection. Handy search string functions allow the user to locate a program, setup or object quickly in memory. The K2661 uses a file format that is K2000, K2500, and K2600 compatible, enabling it to read Kurzweil or third-party sound libraries for each instrument from SmartMedia or any SCSI disk (such as CD-ROM). The K2661 can also read other manufacturers' sample libraries including Roland's(r) 700 Series, Akai(r) S1000, S1100 and S3000, and Ensoniq(r) EPS and ASR file formats. In addition the K2661 also reads/writes AIFF and WAVE sample formats. V.A.S.T. processing will give new life to these files. The K2661 gives the Kurzweil owner access to the largest sound library in the world.

    Interactive Setups
    The K2661 interactive setups allow for easy creative inspiration using multi-timbral "grooves." Kurzweil gives the user instant access to the most useful parameters for real-time control of programs and setups from a wide assortment of preassigned controllers.

    The rear panels of the K2661 provides additional controller inputs for a multitude of interfacing possibilities. The controller inputs include the 600 mm ribbon controller, four footswitch, one breath-controller and two continuous control pedal jacks (1 CC pedal and 1 CC/breath input). Interconnection is easy with a 25-pin SCSI connector and MIDI In, Out and Thru (Thru switchable to a copy of Out). Rear panel outputs include a pair of mixed audio outs, four individual 24-bit balanced audio outs with Kurzweil's patented output circuitry, and one headphone output. In addition, optical ports provide selectable ADAT Lightpipe I/O (or S/PDIF / AES/EBU output). Add the K2661 Sampling Option (SMP-61) for a full range of additional digital and analog inputs. The K2661 brings unparalleled control, distribution, and communication to your digital audio environment.

    KDFX (Kurzweil Digital Effects) utilizes Kurzweil's proprietary VLSI chips and DSP algorithms. It includes a versatile 5-stereo-bus design, 24-bit signal processing, cutting edge DSP functionality, and unparalleled real-time control, all with an extremely flexible routing scheme. All I/O can be routed through KDFX including 8 outputs and 8 inputs from the ADAT digital I/O or analog sampling I/O.

    Sound ROM
    The K2661 has 32 MB of internal sound ROM, and two expansion slots for a total of up to 48MB of ROM sound samples. The internal sound ROM includes all of the samples from the K2600, the K2600's Orchestral and Contemporary ROM options, and a General MIDI 1 sound set. In addition, the Stereo Dynamic Piano (Triple Strike Piano), and Vintage Electric Pianos ROM options can be installed in the expansion slots.

    The Choice is Clear
    Kurzweil's award-winning instruments have always been known for their excellent sound quality, long-life, and state-of-the-art synthesis and sampling technology. Once again Kurzweil delivers the next generation of music with the K2661. The right features, the right technology and the right sounds. Now more than ever Kurzweil is the choice of professionals around the world.


    Keyboard: 61-note unweighted synth-style keyboard with monophonic aftertouch
    Display: 64 x 240 fluorescent backlit display with brightness and contrast controls.
    Physical Controllers: (8) sliders, (1) Pitch Wheel, (1) Mod Wheel, (2) buttons, (4) Foot Swicth Pedal inputs, (2) CC Pedal inputs, (1) Ribbon Controller input - all assignable
    Polyphony: 48 sample-playback voices (192 total oscillators).
    Multitimbral parts: : 16 MIDI channels (each can be a 32 layer deep program)
    General MIDI (GM) Compatability: Built in GM-1 sound set
    Architecture: V.A.S.T. - Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology with 60 DSP functions
    ROM Programs: Over 600 plus thousands on SmartMedia and CDROM (both included)
    Sound ROM: 32 MB base ROM expandable to 48Mb
    Sample RAM: Up to 128 MB via 1 non-composite 72 pin SIMM.
    Sequence/Program RAM: 1.5 MB user-programmable battery-backed RAM. Equivalent to over 360,000 sequencer events.
    Sequencer: Full-function 768 ppq sequencer with 16 song and 16 arrangement tracks. Offers pattern, linear, loop and step recording, cut/copy/paste, advanced 'groove' quantizing, event list editing and other powerful track editing tools. Sequences can be also triggered in real time from the keyboard.
    KDFX : Powerful, flexible 5-stereo bus, 24-bit digital effects engine offering a wide range of time, frequency and dynamic based effects as well as effects chaining.
    Triple Modular Processing : Offers 126 sound shaping algorithms and in-series processing of VAST layers.
    KB3 Drawbar Mode: Allows blending of nine harmonics per voice in real-time (full polyphony maintained at all times). KB3 Mode allows realistic tone wheel organ emulations and innovative, dynamic new timbres.
    Live Mode: Process any incoming signal via the digital or optional analog inputs with powerful V.A.S.T. synthesis functions and built in KDFX capabilities.
    Arpeggiator : Fully programmable arpeggiator featuring 7 different modes of operation and a host of features including the ability to sync to MIDI Beat Clock.
    Waveform Editing : Full functional graphic sample editor with a host of sample editing tools (Sampling Option NOT required)
    Sample Processing DSP: Non-real-time DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on beats-per-minute timeline (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample, and many other functions. Sample Processing DSP does not require the sampling option to be installed.
    File Compatibility: Reads/writes Standard MIDI Files, AIFF and WAVE files. ISO 9660 Compatible. Reads libraries in Roland 700 series, Akai S1000, S1100, and S3000, and Ensoniq EPS, and ASR file formats.
    AFMS File System: User-friendly cataloging and retrieval of individual objects. Powerful utilities including: file search, info about media/available space, disk macros, startup file applications, and more.
    Analog I/O: 4 balanced audio outs with 24-bit converters plus mix stereo pair (can also be used as unbalanced). Stereo headphone out.
    Digital I/O: 8 channels of 24-bit ADAT input and output (or 2 channles of AES/EBU or S/PDIF output)
    FREE Software Upgrades: User-installed upgrades via SmartMedia card or SCSI. Software available for download from this web site. DOS compatibility required.
    Options include:
    SMP-61 Advanced Sampling Option adds Sample-while-play (Ram Tracks), Stereo 1/4 in. unbalanced analog hi-Z input (tip/ring/sleeve); two balanced lo-Z (XLR) inputs and 2 channles of AES/EBU and S/PDIF input.
    Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM (Triple Strike Piano)
    Vintage Electric Pianos ROM
    600mm Super Ribbon Controller
    Power Supply: User switchable international power supply.
    Dimensions:39.4" x 14.2" x 4.3" (100.2 cm x 36 cm x 11 cm)
    Weight: 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
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